Ray’s Cakes Haitian Rum Cake


28 June 2020

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The Special Process Behind Ray’s Cakes Haitian Rum Cake

Everything good usually takes a bit of work. When you take your first bite of a decadent delight from Miss Ray’s kitchen, what you’re tasting is the product of a tedious process that’s so much more than just blending a few ingredients together. Since the first of Ray’s Cakes baked in the comfort of Miss Ray’s home in 1988 to the retail treats we’ve been offering since 2012, every step of the process is done to ensure our customers enjoy a flavorful bite with each forkful. This is especially true with our signature Haitian rum cake. For us here at Ray’s Cakes, it’s the cake that started it all.

The process of making one of our rum cakes has remained unchanged. We use only the freshest ingredients, like the eggs, butter, and milk that serve as the base of the rum cake batter. Every cake pulled from the oven is leveled off and cooled overnight so that when we start decorating, the heat doesn’t affect the outward appearance. There’s so much more to our famous cakes than this, but Miss Ray has been keeping that recipe a secret for many years – and we’re not about to let it slip now. 

However, parts of the recipe are just too good to keep to ourselves. If you love a rum cake that oozes with that spiced, sweet rum flavor, you’re going to love that we pour a special rum mixture over each finished cake. That’s not all, either, as the cake is then filled with our signature rum filling. It’s these steps that have helped make Miss Ray a household name within and well beyond Miami. 

Each of our Haitian rum cakes is covered in a crumb coat for that added layer of texture and sweetness. You could cut yourself a slice after it dries for two hours, but you would be missing out on the fancy designs we’ve cooked up. While our cakes’ flavor distinguishes us from anyone else, we also want people to be able to look at one and know exactly it came from Miss Ray’s kitchen. The design is unmistakable and adds a nice touch to the whole experience of enjoying our special rum cake.

They say never to promise something you can’t deliver on. We wholeheartedly agree, so you know we’re serious when we promise that every one of our cakes is made with quality in mind. We use only the best ingredients and are so devoted to excellence and consistency that, if just one thing looks off throughout the entire process, we start over. 

We’re not just committed to making delicious food. We’re dedicated to our loyal customers and wish to share with them the Haitian delights that our mother, Miss Ray, has perfected over the years.