Mocha Cake

It’s a classic and familiar flavor with a thick and creamy twist.

Our Mocha Cake starts with Miss Ray’s famous classic cake as the base. That dense cake is then drenched in a flavorful rum concoction and then filled with a smooth blend of coffee and peanut butter. The rich coffee and bold, full peanut taste are then spread over the cake to really let that flavor shine. For a decorative touch and an earthy dryness, the cake may be topped with raw walnuts, peanuts, or almonds.

Our specially made Mocha Cake is one part nutty, one party coffee, and all parts delicious.


8in Mini - up to 15 servings - $48
10in Small - up to 25 servings - $64
12in Medium - up to 35 servings - $90
14in Large - up to 55 servings - $105
16in Extra Large - up to 70 servings - $135
Half Sheet - up to 65 servings - $155