About Ray's Cakes

Our signature rum raisin cakes are more than just a product of the high-quality ingredients we use. They tell a story…


One may say Ray's Cakes is a product of the American dream

However, it exists thanks to the passion and baking expertise of one woman – Raymonde Marcel. You’ll come to know her as Miss Ray, just as everyone in the community she’s been serving since the late 80s.

When Miss Ray left Haiti and arrived in New York at 18 years old, she didn’t have a vision for the basis of Ray’s Cakes. ..


But it was still always about the cake.

With the help of her children, Miss Ray branched out to a storefront and started baking her famous rum cakes for retail. Nobody can really pinpoint what makes these rum-soaked indulgences so unique, but it’s a recipe so secret that not even her family knows it. Whatever it is, it’s enough to attract satisfied customers from all over South Florida and draw in travelers from Boston, California, and Georgia.

Miss Ray has kept baking her cakes with the same care and quality. If even one aspect of the batter is off, she starts over. This way, everyone has the same, palate-pleasing experience. In a way, sticking to perfection is her way of thanking the community for supporting and remaining loyal throughout the years.